Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving was a very special one. We have a lot to be thankful for. Getting to spend Thanksgiving with my sister & her family this year was truly a blessing. Last Thanksgiving we had to celebrate Thanksgiving without them.

Jennifer said the grace before Thanksgiving dinner. It brought tears to everyone's eyes. We couldn't understand every word she said, but we know God did!

Josiah & Kacyn are getting so big! Kacyn is still eating through his feeding tube, but continues to improve in his spoon feedings. He just isn't able to eat enough by mouth to do away with the feeding tube yet. He's also getting better at sitting up by himself.

Jennifer got a new walker. They weren't able to bring it with them on the trip from MO this time because there just wasn't enough room in their car with everything else they have to bring. Hopefully, I'll get to see her use her walker when we see them again at Christmas.

Hope everyone had as blessed a Thanksgiving as we did. The last year has been filled with blessings & miracles & we are thankful for all of them & for all of you who have cried, prayed, & been here with us through this past year. Thank you for everything!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

1 Year Ago...

It was 1 year ago today that I got the most devastating call of my life thus far. It was my mom calling, but she was crying so hard I couldn't undertand what she was trying to tell me. Finally, David's mom, Kathy, got on the phone & I found out my baby sister, Jennifer, had gone into cardiac arrest as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident 11 days earlier & was on complete life support. I can't even begin to describe the feelings & emotions of that day.

It was also my sister's husband's 25th birthday that day. There was nothing happy about his 25th birthday.

Today, a year later, Jennifer is still recovering from the brain damage which was a result of the cardiac arrest, brain damage that was so severe the drs didn't think she'd recover from it. She's come a long way in the last year, but still requires 24 hour assistance with everything. Her husband, David, who is celebrating his 26th birthday today, has taken care of her every need without ever complaining. He's a true hero in my book! He & Jennifer are inspirations to everyone.

Today we are not only celebrating David's birthday & life, but also the gift God gave back to us a year ago, Jennifer.

"Where there is great love, there are always miracles." -- Willa Cather
Jennifer's miracle began a year ago not only because of the great love of her friends & family, but also because of the great love she & David have in our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. It's this great love & faith that helped get all of us through the past year. Thank you for being there with us, helping, supporting, & praying with us. Thank you for being a part of Jennifer's miracle.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Kacyn!!

WOW! It's hard to believe, but Kacyn's a year old now! Sunday, Oct 18, was his 1st birthday!!

We celebrated his birthday all together at mom & dad's house with a Winnie-the-Pooh birthday cake. He didn't get to eat any of his cake, but we let him taste the frosting! He liked it!

We tried to focus on celebrating Kacyn's birth & not the events that led to his early arrival. He's our little miracle! He's getting so big and is the sweetest little baby!

I have added some 1st birthday birthday photos taken by a friend of the Dierkings.

Thank you for all the prayers. Please continue to pray for complete healing for this little family.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Family Picture

I have posted a family picture taken of the Dierkings by a friend of theirs. They look great! The boys are getting so big! What an amazing family! They truly are a miracle of God!

Jennifer is getting more botox injections in her left hand today to help loosen up the muscles & hopefully help regain movement & use of that hand. The botox injections usually make her sick for a few days.

She continues to slightly improve, but still is unable to walk or really do anything by herself yet. But it's just little subtle improvements that we, the family, can see that tell us she's still getting better such as being able to cross her legs by herself. She wasn't able to do this before, but now she can! Things we all take for granted are big accomplishments for her.

They are coming here to AR today. We will be celebrating Kacyn's first birthday on Sunday, Oct. 18! I can't believe he's a year old! Jennfier wanted to have his 1st birthday party here at mom & dad's. I'll post birthday pictures soon!

All of the prayers, support, love, encouragement over the last year has been appreciated more than I can put into words. Because of you, it helped us make it through this very difficult year. Thank you & God bless!

But don't stop praying yet! There's still lots of healing to be done!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jennifer's Posting

Below is a posting directly from Jennifer. It's something she wants me to share with everyone.

A good friend of Jennifer's saw her in Tulsa several weeks ago. This friend was so taken aback & upset at seeing Jennifer like she is now that she couldn't sleep. She got up from bed & was praying for Jennifer when Jennifer's spirit appeared before her & said, "I'm still here, You're to see me as I really am. Tell David I love him. Thank him for not giving up on me and fighting for me. We win the fight, we have won the fight, with our God nothing is impossible."

Jennifer continues to improve with each day. The improvements are very subtle, but they are there. She may not be able to do everything yet, but her personality, sense of humor, smarts, are all there. She is the same Jennifer.

Kacyn got his new chair. He really likes it! It has a base for outdoors that comes off & can stay in the van & has another smaller base for in the house. It has great head support which is already making a big difference in helping to strengthen his neck. It also has a tray like a high chair that is removeable. He likes to play with toys on this tray.

Josiah got a new swing set which he is really enjoying! Our kids had outgrown their swing set so my husband took it apart. He & my brother drove it the 4 hours to Sullivan, MO, & put it up for Josiah. That made that little boy very happy! He was very excited!

I have posted a picture of Kacyn in his new chair & Josiah on his swing.

Please continue to pray for this little family. They've come a long ways, but still have a ways to go so they still need prayers.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Josiah's 3rd Birthday!

Josiah’s birthday was Aug 25. He turned 3. His birthday party was Sat, Aug 29. His party had an Imagination Movers theme. For those who don’t have small children & don’t know what Imagination Movers is, it’s a show on the Disney Channel that Josiah loves. Grammy made outfits for both Josiah & Kacyn just like the ones worn on the show. They looked so cute!! They had a good turnout for his birthday, about 50 people total (adults & children), & had a cookout. They also had a giant inflatable bounce house/castle that their church raised money to rent for them. The kids loved jumping & playing in it! A paramedic friend brought an ambulance by & let the go through it. Josiah truly deserved a special day to himself & that is what he got. Kacyn enjoyed the party too! He likes being outside. He loves looking around at everything & just coos & talks.

Kacyn continues to do well with his feeding tube. It took quite a few adjustments to his feeding schedule & a little time determining the amount of formula that was right for him, but Grammy’s got it all down now! She also feeds him by mouth daily to work on his swallowing & he’s doing pretty well with that also. Hopefully he won’t need the feeding tube much longer. Also I found out from Grammy today that he just got his 5th tooth! He’s such a sweet little baby.

Jennifer also continues to do well. The changes are very subtle, but I can see improvement each time I see her.

Thank you for all the prayers, support, & love. Please keep praying for complete healing for Jennifer & Kacyn. And don’t forget to pray for David & Grammy as they lovingly care for Jennifer, Josiah, & Kacyn.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Welcome Home, Kacyn!!

Kacyn was released from the Childrens Hospital yesterday. Josiah's been a little pistol since I've been here! He's so full of energy & into everything! Yesterday when it was just me & him here at home he was germ-free!! He got a small bottle of hand sanitizer & covered his arms, legs, & bed with it! We also have carpet now that won't get sunburned because he put sunscreen on it today!

David's dad had his surgery today. They only had to remove the right side of his thyroid. They said it looked benign. He's doing well. He said it feels like he has a really bad sore throat. He should be released tomorrow. Kathy didn't get to go back to OH for his surgery as originally planned since Kacyn didn't get released from the hospital until late yesterday. David's sister, Chrissie, is there with him though & has kept Kathy & all of his posted today.

Please continue to pray for miracles for Jennifer & Kacyn. Also please remember David. It never ceases to amaze me to see how well he cares for Jennifer, doing absolutely everything for her & dropping whatever's he's doing to do it without ever complaining. He sometimes teases her about it, but he never really complains. They argue over what to watch on tv. Jennifer used to always control the remote. Since she can't use it, David now has control, but he almost always gives in to what she wants to watch. He says it's nice to have control over the remote, but he'll be happy when she is able to take it back. Please continue to pray for strength, encouragement, & comfort for him. He has more stress in his life than the rest of us can even begin to imagine having. Please pray for Grammy as she continues to care for these precious little boys & for David's dad as he continues to recover from his surgery. Thank you & God bless!